Healthy legal minds & Law needs feminism because - Photo Campaign

Healthy Legal Minds | Ju(ri)stes en santé and #LawNeedsFeminismBecause first collaborated on a mental health workshop at LNFB’s inaugural Forum in 2017. This photoshoot is a continuation of this rich collaboration, and is inspired by this year's LNFB forum theme of “access to justice”.

The barriers to access are plenty. As students, accessing mental health services. As professionals, accessing support and autonomy within the workplace. For both, access to spaces where mental health is understood.

This photo campaign expresses the simple ways that people in law have learned to survive and thrive, using powerful images that unearth the relationships we have to health, as jurists. To protect the identities of the incredible students, faculty members, and lawyers who participated, we photographed people's hands, holding something of personal meaning. We hope some day this protection won’t be needed.

We see ourselves in these stories, and hope that you feel their collective resonance. In our instinct toward isolation, this series shows that we are not alone. Sharing experience is a crucial part in constructing a healthier profession and culture in law.



Some of these images contain sensitive material about suicide, drugs, and other mental health struggles.