Photo Campaign

This photo campaign is a continuation of a rich collaboration between Healthy Legal Minds | Ju(ri)stes en santé and Law Needs Feminism. Its intention is to express the simple ways that people in law have learned to survive and thrive, using powerful images that unearth the relationships we have to health. In our instinct toward isolation, this series shows that we are not alone. Sharing experience is a crucial part in constructing a healthier profession and culture in law.

McGill Study

Healthy Legal Minds values an evidence-based approach to shaping mental health programming. In 2017 HLM published its findings and recommendations to McGill University. The psychological factors that are at risk during law school are the factor’s most important to the person’s well-being as a lawyer. The recommendations are aimed at creating a more supportive and empowering environment for its students, while maintaining the intellectual rigor of legal education. They are both possible.



In the results of our wellness survey of the McGill law student community, concerns about space were paramount. Students expressed issues with accessibility and enjoyment of the common spaces at the Law Faculty. Among their primary requests were new and updated furniture, spaces for collaborative studying and group work, places to take or make private phone calls, and multi-usable space that can easily accommodate social events and activities. As such, we are working with a team across the Faculty to make these requests a reality for students.